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About Us

We are situated in Florida, California and have been in the web-based business for a long time. With assistance from our group of entrepreneurs, we...

Bong Online Shop

Glass Bongs Shopping Online We have 24-hour customer service no other provider has that. Also, no other provider can match our on glass bong quality....

Wholesale or Retail

Glass Bongs Wholesale or Retail We are a wholesale and customer service oriented distributor; there is no middleman mark up. All bongs stems, glass pipes,...

Why Shop Online?

We will probably turn into the best online tobacco pipe shop. Here are the means by which we will do it.

Quick sending As soon as we get your request, we begin preparing it and have the following number assigned to you same day. Nobody likes sitting tight for their new piece, that is the reason we pick 2-multi-day sending free. All bundles will be delivered in plain dark colored packets with no outside markings to indicate substance.

Glass Bongs For Sale

We purchase the more significant part of our bongs, bubblers, spot apparatuses, and pipes in mass to get the best costs. We need to give our clients an impressive purchasing background and price is a significant factor.

Client Service

Customer benefit is our primary need. You should be glad at all times. Regardless of whether you need to restore an item we make it as simple as could be expected under the circumstances. Our proficient staff can answer any inquiries you may have.

Merchandise exchange We have one of the most straightforward merchandise exchanges with regards to online head shops. You can restore your buy 14 days after it arrives on the off chance that it was not utilized.

Awesome Selection-We picks painstakingly what tobacco pipes, glass bongs, bubblers, pipes, and water pipes glass bongs we need to offer since we require our clients to be content with their buy. We buy the majority of our glass from American glass blower makers.