About Us

We are situated in Florida, California and have been in the web-based business for a long time. With assistance from our group of entrepreneurs, we got the opportunity to work anchoring another stockroom space, stocking stock, and making a stellar site.

Headshop central station is above all else devoted to client benefit. Our organization is the ideal size to give this, and we can react to your inquiries, questions, and compliments at info@velvetant.org. Client benefit works if you likewise offer quality items. Offering a worthless piece and afterward noting an investigation concerning it doesn’t fathom the client’s issue. For this and for the pure energy to help kindred tokers we started to work.

We set out to make a store with a high tobacco pipe and glass bongs. We have both had terrible encounters with glass in the place where we grew up and in our school towns. It is ordinary for nearby make a beeline for a cheat for inexpensively influenced Chinese to the glass. They break, don’t function admirably, and abandon you returning to purchase another shabby item.

We needed to make a place for just the best pipes of various kinds. Usually, we searched for regarded producers. Counseling on the web discussions, specialists in the business, and test items ourselves and with our companions is each of them a piece of this activity we adore.