Bongs Accessories

Glass Bongs with ash catchers, downstems, and bowls.

The glass on glass is an online headshop that carries all the glass products for smoking your herbs. No other form of water bong combos for burning your favorite herbs or tobacco pipe has been made. These combinations of intricate bong designs, percolators, precoolers, cool bongs and tree ash catchers make smoking feel like a holiday.

This is a combination that you can mix and match to your liking and never go wrong with your choice. These pieces of smoking art are the best glass on glass bongs in the world.

We specialize in making this flawless glass on glass bong combinations to provide the smoothest hits that you can’t get from any water pipe. If you want to buy glass bongs you have just came to the best online headshop. If you are a regular consumer or if you are a large head shop we have what you need. We specialize in great bongs for even better prices. Weed pipes come to a dime a dozen.

These percolator bongs, bong diffusers, and smoking stems are hands blown with absolutely no imperfections. These glass bong combos, down stems and glass bowls, are combined to filter the smoke in a way that will leave you asking for another hit. We have tested various methods, combinations and techniques to formulate the ultimate glass bong match. Most of our glass on glass bong combinations consist of a high-quality percolator bong, six plus arm down the stem, tree ash catcher or inline ash catcher and bowl. We have all types of different combinations and color schemes. If you don’t like colored glass on glass bongs, then we have clear as well.