Wholesale or Retail

Glass Bongs Wholesale or Retail

We are a wholesale and customer service oriented distributor; there is no middleman mark up. All bongs stems, glass pipes, glass diffusers and glass ash catchers come from the same company. We only provide quality products. When you want to buy glass bongs go to us first, chances are we are going to have the best price. If you are going to your local headshop and seeing the same products that we have, you can bet they are getting them from us, which is also why you see that they have marked up the price on you. Glass on Glass Bongs has customized shipping. You can feel as comfortable buying from us as you would if you were to go to your local head shop, we are just cheaper.

We can sell these intricate Glass on glass bongs so cheap because we are the manufacture and don’t have the high overhead that you would see from the headshop. We do discrete shipping globally; it doesn’t matter if you are in Italy, Russia, Greenland, South America, or the United States of America we can get the bongs to you. Wholesale glass water bongs wholesale price starting from $22 per unit. Click the link to see our entire glass on glass bong loose collection.